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Hazel Mountford is a renowned fine art acrylic painter known for her intricately detailed, lifelike depictions of wildlife. The central theme of her practice explores the evolving spatial conflicts between humans and their animal neighbours. With profound reverence, Hazel immerses herself in understanding her subjects' characteristics, behaviours, and the challenges they encounter.


Working meticulously on custom-made wooden panels, Hazel thoughtfully selects the surface’s shape to actively complement each painting's narrative, transforming the panel itself into an integral compositional element. Drawing inspiration from natural specimens and anatomical studies, she crafts her paintings with intricate brushstrokes, captivating depth, and minimalist backgrounds that draw the viewer's focus inward. Her subjects, whether a curious fox, a watchful owl, or a diminutive bee, seem to engage viewers with a piercing, transient gaze, forging a profound connection across realms.


Hazel's artwork has been widely celebrated, featured in major publications such as Art of England, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Artists & Illustrators, and RA Magazine. Her paintings have been showcased internationally, with exhibitions in major cities including New York, Toronto, Singapore, and Hong Kong. She is a multi-time finalist in the prestigious David Shepherd WAY competition and the winner of the esteemed BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year – British Mammals award.


Through her art, Hazel gives animals a call for space and reconnects viewers with nature, bestowing equal reverence upon all forms of wildlife, from majestic black bears to diminutive bees.

Selected Exhibitions


Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong (China)

Affordable Art Fair Singapore (Singapore)

New York City Affordable Art Fair (USA)

Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, (Sweden)

Brussels Affordable Art Fair (Belgium)

Battersea Affordable Art Fair, London (UK)

Boston International Art Fair, (USA)

Art Toronto (Canada)

London Art Fair, Islington (UK)

20 / 21 International Art Fair, London, (UK)

Fresh Art Fair, Cheltenham (UK)

David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year, Mall Galleries, London (UK)

Wildlife Artist of The Year, Mall Galleries London (UK)

Art for Youth London, Mall Galleries, London (UK)

The Other Art Fair Bristol  (UK)

A Breath of Fresh Air’ Exhibition, Byard Gallery, Cambridge (UK)

Solo show, Cube Gallery, The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle (UK)

'We Own the Night', solo show, Albion Gallery, Cotswolds (UK)

Animal/Liminal, Leyden Gallery, London (UK)

Summer Exhibition, Redsea Gallery (Singapore)

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